Monday, August 4, 2014

Genevieve LaCaze Pics / Photos - Olympian and Commonwealth Games Steeplechase champion

Congratulations to Genevieve LaCaze on her recent PB performance at the recent Glasgow Commonwealth Games.

All photos by Brad Anderson Creates

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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Celebrity Simpsons spreading to the world

Hey all,

The Celebrity Simpsons have had a great response. They are popping up all over the world and creating quite a buzz which is awesome.

One of the biggest humour websites in the world has featured the Celebrity Simpsons and myself on their fantstic site - take some time to check them out - some really funny stuff on there. The website is and the link to my feature is
I will keep you updated with it's movements.

Thank-you to everyone who has helped spread the Celebrity Simpsons word.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Celebrity Simpsons - Real Life Hollywood Cast

Introducing... an artists impression of what a real-life Hollywood cast of the Simpsons' characters would look like.

To coincide with the launch of my website, I have created these characters in photoshop as a fun and entertaining way to get attention for the site launch and the launch of my graphic design business - Brad Anderson Creates.

I have spent a long, long time getting this to where it is today. I have trawled the internet for source images (hope no-one minds me using them). I have agonised over the casting of characters with actors. And now here it is... The Celebrity Simpsons Real-Life Hollywood Cast.

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Thanks for playing! (click on image to view full size)


Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I have been working on SOMETHING BIG! over the last couple of months to coincide with the launch of my Freelance Graphic Design Business and new website.

I am putting the final touches on it now and it looks great.

I will be launching the new designs via this blog and will release it to other internet sources for the big unveiling.

Stay tuned...
I have been wanting to use this idea for a while but never had the right project...Until now! The high energy music and performance that Australian rock group "The Living End" perform was perfect for the electrified look.

Took a lot of photos of me playing with sparklers and some serious photoshopping. 280 layers later, here it is.

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Digital Oil Painting done for Australian Rock Group "The Living End"
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Some designs I that I did for Australian Rock Band "Gyroscope".
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A couple of pieces I did recently for Brisbane rock band "The Butterfly Effect".

I used an original photo from renowned Australian Music Photographer Tony Mott and came up with these two versions.

Great band - check them out at their website -

Here is a look at my logo being constructed. You probably thought I just drew it right? There has to be a cheaper ad easier way to get a logo done than this.

This is an idea I had that I thought would work well for a beer ad or Coke or something along those lines. Start with a close up of one beach umbrella opening and as the camera pans back upward into space more and more umbrellas burst open to reveal the final image. You could even have them continually opening and closing with changing pictures to have a stop motion effect. Would look great. This design took a while to do.

Another piece for my folio. This was done entirely in Photoshop with various custom brushes, vector shapes and paths. What does it mean? You know, the old "when you water a sod of grass and dirt with wild colours you get papers planes and bi-planes emerging" That old chestnut.

This is Dyno-Mite! He is a mad bass playin' T-Rex whose grooves are carnivorous.

This Illustration was don as a vector drawing in Illustrator and then shading and tonal work was added in Photoshop.

Here is an "out-of-bounds" piece I did for my folio.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Shannon - Part 3

Here is an idea I wanted to play with. i think the original photo was perfect for this effect.

Shannon Part 2

This is an example of some photo retouching that I did.
In this picture I have: trimmed the arms, legs, waist and chin. I have smoothed out some of the wrinkles in the dress. I have added more shadow definition to bust. I have sharpened the focus, fixed up any minor skin blemishes, imrpoved skin tone levels, altered lip colour, whitened eyes, smoothed out hair, coloured hair. I think thats it. Don't trust magazine images...they are all photoshopped.


Here are some images of design I did to some photographs froma friends modelling shoot.
The model is Shannon Metzeling.

Hello..? Is there anybody in there?

Welcome to the creative ramblings of the Brad Anderson Creates Blog. I will from time to time be adding some of my designs to this page along with anything else I feel you may want to discover about me and my work. I wont bore you with the inane ramblings of and up-to-the-minute happenings of the mundane things in my life. I’ll leave that to Ashton K and the Tweets.

Thank-you for stopping by and feel free to send me a message if you need any design work done or even if you have millions of dollars stuck in Nigerian banks and you just need my account details to transfer it to me. Happy to oblige.

Thanks for playing.