Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Celebrity Simpsons - Real Life Hollywood Cast

Introducing... an artists impression of what a real-life Hollywood cast of the Simpsons' characters would look like.

To coincide with the launch of my website, I have created these characters in photoshop as a fun and entertaining way to get attention for the site launch and the launch of my graphic design business - Brad Anderson Creates.

I have spent a long, long time getting this to where it is today. I have trawled the internet for source images (hope no-one minds me using them). I have agonised over the casting of characters with actors. And now here it is... The Celebrity Simpsons Real-Life Hollywood Cast.

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Thanks for playing! (click on image to view full size)



  1. I LOVE this. And your choice of real life Milhouse replacement is HILARIOUS. DaFoe is a perfect Mr Burns choice. Colbert, Gervais, Vaughn....Buscemi....dammit I am trying to find celebrities better for these roles and I can't! Looking forward to seeing what you come up with next.

    P.S - freakin sweet website. Fresh, clean and cultured (like an awesome yoghurt?)...makes me feel like I'm in a Melbourne art gallery and I LOVE MELBOURNE ART GALLERIES....can't say I've seen a smoother running design site.

  2. Cool, Brad Anderson. Where did you get their bodies from? Are they from photos?

  3. will this ever air i doubt it but if it does tell us please

  4. Moe has to be the most accurate, that is pretty funny. The guy looks just like him. As my pal Sildenafil says, he looks like he was born to play the character... or perhaps the character was made for him.

  5. That looks awesome, but how did you not use Bruce Willis for Homer?

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